Personal Lessons I’ve Learned from Podcast Consolidation

Or: “When Two Men Bring You Into a Conference Room and Say ‘This Is How It’s Going to Go’ — That’s a Bad Sign!”

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I’ve worked in Big Podcast for as long as one can work in Big Podcast (I think?). This isn’t something to brag about, but it’s true. An old boss called me the Zelig of podcasting. But I prefer to think of myself as the Beetlejuice of podcasting. I’ve been hanging around my model graveyard for the past 10 years, waiting for someone to say my name three times. After that happened, I’d show up to work at your company. …

I love my dad and my dad loves me. But I never really knew him until we started texting.

Picture this: It’s 2007, Razr flip phones were the fashionable cell phone (mine was pink), and my father had recently gotten talked into a family cell phone plan with unlimited texting. He announced it with no fanfare: “You can text now,” he texted. That was the first text to light up my cellphone’s screen. I was 19 and thrilled to finally be in modern times.

It’s hard to communicate what a radical change this was. Text messaging, according to my father, was an inefficient (why not just call!) money pit meant to suck the parents’ of teens and tweens dry. Text messaging was another way for kids to get up to no good. Even before the term “dick pic” was in popular use, you just knew my dad thought text messaging was a gateway drug to some bad news activity. …


Laura Mayer

First time caller, long time listener. Co-founder of Three Uncanny Four Productions.

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